Order Of White Knights Flag

A Society Of Brothers And Sisters Working Together To Fund The Good And Bring Justice To The Dark{Of Heart}, The Greedy, And The Evil.

The Order Of White Knights Have Always Existed In Some Form Or Another To Protect Both The Week And The Strong From Suffering, Turmoil, And Injustice And Clearly Since Everybody Has Heard Of White Knights Our Order Is More Well Known Than Even The Freemasons Who Have Fallen Into Darkness Due To The Modern Corruption Of Our Secret Societies Which In The Time Of George Washington Was What All Soldiers Of The Light Called Themselves Although Back Then Calling It The Order Of White Knights Was Only What The Secret Societies Did When The Wheat Was Separated From The Chaff And The Bad Held Out Of All Secret Society Meetings Claiming That The Meeting Was To Be Of White Knights Only But The Order Title To Them Would Be Applied Only In Secret Except By Those Intelligent Enough To Name The Order Discovering That Since Orders Ruled The Realm That They Would Find Status And Protection From The White Knight Order And Only In Time Of Dire Need Is The Order Spoken To Find Protection From Factional Differences.

If You Are To Speak Of Our Order Call Yourself Only A White Knight As Our Cousins Always Did But White Knights Have Schismed Away From The Darker Elements Of The Secret Societies And Now Shun Blood Oaths And See Only Need Of Oaths Of Loyalty To Our Orders, Organizations, And Networks, Find Justice In Posse Comitatus; Common Man's Law, Find Alliances With The Good And Well Guided, And Wayward Alliances With The Good Of Heart Who Just Don't Have Their Political Compass Completely Figured Out.

Our Order Has Always Drawed Members For All Secret Societies Except The Shiners Who Know Only Of The Secret Of How To Eat People After They Have Died To Keep Them From Becoming Ghouls. But Of Late Since Worldwide Revolution Is Ensuing The Order Of White Knights Are Calling Only For Those Who Are Good Of Heart About Doing Benevolent Things To Join Up In The Cause Of Fixing Oppression Surrounding What You Know Is Wrong In The World, So E-Mail: WhiteKnights@OrderOfWhiteKnights.com For Aid Whether Financial, Political, Or For Protection Against The Order Of Black Knights; The Evil Black Knight Order: The Black Knight Order Of Doom!!!